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Dear biskut
Sunday, 28 October 2018 • 09:31 • 0 zombies

My first love … well I guess, came unexpected. Didn't see it's coming and next thing I knew I fell. I fell hard. I didn't knew how to react perhaps because it was my first. For the first time I felt excited about everything. Everything about you makes me happy. Just seeing your name can light up my entire day . I can't wait to tell you about my day. Can't wait to open myself up to you. Eventhough I knew I'm not going to see you, could never see your face, couldn't feel your warmth next to me and see your face light up just to see me. All the love scenes I saw on movies and dramas could never be us and that's fine. It hurts but it's fine. I appreciate all those time you were there for me. You made me feel loved and appreciated and God knows how much I really adore you for that.


People changes and I'm okay with that … until it was you. I feel us drifting apart. I can feel that your thoughts are no longer about me. It breaks me apart knowing you were hurt. Little did you know you hurt me too. You asked me to leave and that's how you hurt me. Little by little. Time by time. My heart aches with thousand pains. Pain that were caused by the one I never expected to be. You. I'm a fool for staying. I never thought of leaving anyways. Why would I leave my happiness? All those pains may it be worth it. I don't mind hurting myself over and over again just for you. I don't want this to end. No not like that. Cause I have found my happiness and I intended to keep it forever. I want you to be with me forever. I know and I'm aware that you might leave. And if that ever happened , I'm not going to blame you. You were my first love. All of those memories that we had together may be cherished even when we're no longer together. Cause you were my happiness once 

And you will always be💛