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2018 in a nutshell
Monday, 31 December 2018 • 00:00 • 1 souls

I'm aware that I've been missing for a loooong time before I start updating again. I don't really know how to explain what happened anyways but here to summarise

  • I finished school last year and managed to spent my new year for this year doing absolutely nothing. Yup you read it right, nothing. 
  • I work as a part-timer promoter and it's basically the most boring job ever. Bored enough to made me take a walk around the mall for nine times during work hour
  • Land a job as a crew for Rose Event at Shangri-La Hotel. God sake for the first time I felt like a adult. Riding a train and went home late now can you imagine how boring my life was before this?
  • Then I rode a plane, for the first time. Kind of noob but I managed to get that done this year. Well nowhere far, but far enough for a plane ride. Indonesia was amazing. Now I get it why some people dedicated their lives just for travelling
  • And then I got my SPM result and went through a roller coaster of emotion and major mental breakdown contemplating regarding my future and my needs
  • Had major splurge on my laptop, literally spent all of my 3 months worth salaries just to get new laptop 😭but I got a laptop that I want. Well not really my first choice since my first choice would really be a wallet breaker and a tabung breaker also la . But seriously bila fikir balik I'm like wtf I didn't just get a Macbook Air harga nak dekat sama kut. Rugi la duh ahh lantaklah as long my laptop functions well I'm doing just fine from having another major breakdown
  • Kind of cliche but I met my first love. Well I didn't met him but sort of found him? Idk how to explain it. Again, roller coaster emotion. 
  • Went on a road trip to Genting Highlands, I don't really have like a lot of friends but goddamn I missed the entire trip with them. God knows how much I love them for those memories. I've never been to Genting and definitely doesn't regret a bit my what happened there. Well we did had a car breakdown and almost died from freezing but okay 😂
  • Got a new friends, a lof of frenemies too. But I'm trying to love them. They didn't really make it easy for me grrr
  • I WENT TO A FREAKIN TEATHER AND IT WAS AMAZING omg I really need to go to another teather show after this.
  • Majorly involved with club's activity. Part of the club and yet again so many club events  happening already. Not really ready for this type of commitment well any type of commitment.
  • Had my heart broken. Never really imagined it would be this hurts. I had a breakup before but not really this painful? Probably because I never really attached to them. But this one, it really hurts. I want him but I need to let him go. I sort of regret it now. But, seeing him doing just fine without me living a happy life somehow make me feel happy too.
I just want to say that this year is a year of MAJOR BREAKDOWN AND ENTIRELY FILLED WITH ROLLER COASTER FEELINGS HEART MIND AND WHATSOEVER LEFT IN MY BODY . I guess this is my confused phase.