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Saturday, 4 April 2020 • 08:03 • 0 souls

Life seems to be really shitty at this moment. I dont even know if i want any of this again at this moment. I met a guy. Not really i love with him but somehow i feel obligated to make him feels happy? Have you just meet somehow who's life is really messed up and you just want to make their life a little less miserable? Yup, that's him.

He somehow thought of me as his girlfriend? Not that he really love me he just love the idea of having someone with him and that's how i ended up writing this not so depressing post at 7 am in the morning. Haven't gotten any sleep yet because my dumb ass been overthinking during these past hour. not to mention i'm on duty to hand out foods. Yes, i'm handing out foods to who you might wonder, the answer is to us. Us, who are stranded in the freaking UiTM during the restriction of movement and pretty much feels like we are on some kind of charity cases. They have been giving out us free food for over a week now. Kinda a waste of money for me but a blessing for a few of the others. Not really a big fan of heavy food. Been stuffing up on the dishes instead of the rice. Just really can't handle that much food you know. Pretty sure others feel the same too. Some being a jerks just by simply not taking the food and that shit is a nuisance to those who's in charge to giving out the food. Causing more wastage of food but at least i'm kinda grateful enough by taking the food. Less trouble to the others. Ugh.

Grateful that I don't have to be home to handle my family but somehow annoyed I need to handle all of this shit by myself. Go home. Spend time with your family is the least thing that I want to do right now. Even my family doesn't want to spend time with me so why would I?

Whatever la, I'm quite fine living in the campus at the moment. Might be the best thing for me anyway. Who knows I might eventually caught up covid if I got home right? Feels nice to be able to spend time by your own. I got my own space, doing things I never able to do when my housemates were around. Not that I don't missed them, I just missed having my own space. I don't think this quarantine will be over any time soon anyway. Third wave is coming. For sure. Quite saddening to know some assholes think it is okay to wander around while others especially frontliners are struggling to break the chain.

Ugh. Whatever. I guess that's all for now. Not like this post is meant for anyone to read anyway. Bye!