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Wednesday, 25 November 2015 • 08:43 • 1 zombies

First of all before I continue I want to tell you that you have the most beautiful person that I ever see . You . Yes you the one who probably or probably not reading this . The way you eyes sparks when you smile and the sound of you laughs is heaven :)

Okay proceed .

I've spent a couple weeks in Kuala Terengganu and so far the place that I have been is very limited which mean bedroom - living room and kitchen in my aunt's house . What a lazy bum . But today I don't know why but think this day worth to be write about . It might mean nothing to the others but I feel really happy today . I went out which is a pretty big move not went out to my house yard but to somewhere else that I can't see my aunt's house.

Well actually I went out just because I was forced to , yelah dah berapa tahun terperap dalam rumah tetiba pulak kena paksa keluar tengok matahari . Aku rasa aku ni spesis Drakula ah . Spesis yang tak minat matahari kalau boleh aku nak keluar time malam je . Malam cantik kut ada lampu lampu apa bagai pastu sejuk . Fuhh

Entahlah maybe dkt Terengganu sekarang musim bebudak main rollerblade I guess ? Everywhere I went memang penuhlah dengan bebudak main rollerblade . Bukan bebudak je uncle-uncle and aunt-aunt yang maybe in their 30-an pun main jugak . And they like hella good at it except for those newbie memang asyik terjatuh ah. My niece one of those bebudak yang hella good . Tetiba pulak rasa nak muntah . Maybe sebab aku dengki maklumlah aku main je jatuh asal jatuh je aku main . Kalau landing jatuh tu cantik macam JLo takpe jugak ni dah macam nangka busuk siap ada sound effect lagi  gila malu *sigh*

Short of the story my niece ajak pergi dekat Lagun sebelah Masjid Terapung . That place is packed with rollerblader . They are freakin everywhere . We went the maybe around 5 to 6 ? Shit lupa pulak nak tengok jam .

Since I can't play I just wasting my time with sitting there like a lost penguin . Don't ask how lost penguin look like dengan muka confusednya dengan otak serabutnya sebab kena tengok je . Nak main phone , phone rosak . Memang aku completely hopeless in sport . Tak boleh nak buat apa . The only sport that I can do is running . Entahlah kalau buat pertandingan berlari aku rasa siput pun dapat kalahkan aku kut .

In case you didn't know dekat tepi Masjid Terapung ada sungai . Legit sungai gila dengan ada ikan bertimbun dalam tu . Ada rumours mengatakan ada buaya . Shitshitshit . Tapi view kat sana memang lawa . Moreover at sunset . Then aku realize aku boleh nampak sunset dari tempat aku berdiri and I don't know why but I came with the conclusion that I need to lay down and watch the sunset . And I did , someway somehow . Entahlah aku pun tak ingat bila kali terakhir aku tengok sunset . Aku rasa bebudak kat sana semua pelik tengok tetiba ada manusia gergasi pakai jubah hitam tetiba baring atas rumput dengan cermin mata birunya . Gila ke apa dia ni ? And yes aku pakai cermin mata warna biru . Spesel sikit .  But seriously that wave of calmness came . Preach .

I laid there on the grass next to a river and watch the sky move and saw the sunset . Memang nampak heavenly gila  . The sky was beautiful and the weather was nice. Eventhough ramai orang tengok aku semacam . Jangan dorang fikir aku terlepas dari Tanjung Rambutan sudahlah . Tak memasal aku kena tangkap masuk hospital sakit jiwa . Aku tak rela duduk hospital maybe kalau dorang tukar perkataan hospital jadi rumah sakit jiwa aku legit akan volunteer duduk sana .  Alahai rasanya depa jeles je tu . Aku dapat baring atas rumput kau ada ? When I lay down aku notice yang langit time tu lawa gila nampak macam gula gula kapas .  I start to notice how awful I am at appreciating things , stuff , human being and creatures short terms I'm bad at appreciating .

My niece yang mulanya so embarassed and even asked me to get up because I pratically humiliating him start to lay down next to me siap tutup mata pulak tu . Jet jet feelings je . Aku dah kata best baling golek-golek atas rumput , dia boleh pulak tak percaya .  It's awful the fact we never actually have time to appreciate the little things that around us . We forgot that our actions and words could influence people around us . We forgot to appreciate things moroever the little thing that's our first fault and secondly we are so ignorant to admit that as our flaw . Look Up :)


Blogger Nabila Syifa said...

enjoy ur holiday :)

26 November 2015 at 17:06  

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