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Add maths?
Thursday, 1 September 2016 • 03:07 • 0 souls

Hello September !Wow semalam merdeka gaiss, siapa sambut sila angkat bendera masing-masing. (This blog do not provide any flags ,if there any flag loss please be aware that its just probably have been stolen by my cats) And no theres no refund pfft.

 Omg how long has it been since my last update? Oh yes almost 2 months!! Feel longer tho especially lepas sesat dalam sawang blog ni ha. New updates , got a new wifi yeayyy. Which is also a good news since sekarang legit tengah struggle gila nak siapkan kerja khusus akaun. Omg kill me already. And also my kerja khusus is still like at 2% finished which is tragic since at the end of this month dh kena hantar like wtf. *hantuk kepala dengan buku akaun* no srsly that book is thick af memang boleh guna untuk murder orang *baling selimut* pfft.

And I think I can be more like myself now since I dont think there would be anybody that would eventually read shitty stuff that I've been writing about.(Mature languange alert) ughh

But seriously I truly convinced its the final exam that eventually let my freakness out. #addmaths #kamipasrahjawabaddmaths fuhh . I mean bila lagi nak pakai hashtag tu, pasni aku tak jawab addmath dah. Dah tak boleh buat tag #addmathstudentsproblem hahahahhhahaha. IM DROPPING THAT SHIT OUT. Which is cool since aku still got 9 subjects for SPM (no no really like omg im so scared) *lap peluh* Add maths act my elektif subj mmg itu je choice yg kitorang ada *rolled eyes8 . I was doing fine with add maths I mean we have pretty intense relationship before alpa beta comes and there goes delta and thats it , its over. And mid terms result made me realize im fucked up. Like seriously dia macam peribahasa " kerana nila setitik ,rosak susu sebelanga" . And yes add maths tu lah nilanya. Disebabkan add maths la harapan aku gugur satu persatu macam kena hempas bhai *sobs*

Like srsly guys at this point aku dah start talking nonesense. Probably because accounts #accountstudentsbelike pfft suka duh pakai capt macam ni hahhhha .


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